With the moulding facility it has, TEKPAR can meet his mould needs and also can offer his customers different and advanced solutions.
With its advanced and technological machinery which is eligable to design, manufacture and maintain all sort of mould and with the experienced technical crew TEKPAR can offer goods and moulds which could serve perfectly for many long years.
The sensitivity and fastidiousness in manufacturing molds, the high quality of our machinery and tools we are using and the commitment to our customers delivery times , shows how how seriously we take our jobs.




With the experience of producing plastics parts since its inception TEKPAR increased the number of the machinery and modernized them according to the needs of the day.

We are producing plastic parts with our high quality manifactured molds for many different sectors on time and in demanded quantities according to our quality management system.



"Quality is never a coincidence, but always a smart endeavor ..."
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